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Academic Overview

Senior Secondary

Scholars Pride is among the top schools in Faridabad. The school is spread over 3 acres of land and has a rich heritage of creating leaders for tomorrow. We are inspired to build strong ethical values in addition to academic excellence amongst our students.

At the Scholars Pride, we strive to facilitate a friendly, safe, and constructive climate for our students, where they can express their opinion openly so that they can build a scientific temperament. We believe that every child is unique in his/her way and they can learn better when they are in a pleasant state of mind. Therefore, our learning engagements are designed in such a way that it develops skills that are essential for our students to become self-confident.

We take great care in ensuring that our curriculum is encompassing, dynamic, balanced relevant for supporting our students to be confident and well rounded. We incessantly review and revise the curriculum to improve students learning and build a research attitude amongst our students to comprehend and approach issues logically and rationally. We focused on creating opportunities for our students in which they can explore, learn and grow. We take an active role in identifying the strength of our students and encourage them to follow their hearts and also motivate them to take on new challenges and grow responsibly.

Education for the New Age

A child learns by observing/her surrounding, questioning adults, and by teaming up with their peers. Scholars Pride provides its students with an ultramodern nursery school in Faridabad, wherein the children are taught with the latest technologies as well as the traditional tools. Our school ensures that every student is equipped with a highly effective toolkit of concepts, knowledge, and skills so that he/she can transform into endless potentials and solutions. In a continuously evolving and shifting world, this type of learning not only positively impacts the student’s growth but also his or her global consciousness.

Our school is registered with the CBSE board and our curriculum framework is designed for autonomy, trust, flexibility, and accountability. The main objective behind the design of our school curriculum is to encourage fresh thinking and action. We have very modern infrastructure to ensure that your child gets the best support and opportunities to reach his/her full potential.