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Director’s Desk

Mr. Mahesh Sachdeva

Scholars Pride stands out as a unique educational institute that aims to provide purposeful education which results in the holistic development of its scholars. The teaching pedagogy at the school concentrates on all aspects of development including social, emotional and cognitive growth of students. It gives me immense pleasure and pride in the impressive achievements of our scholars in all spheres including academics, sports, co-curricular activities and inter-school competitions.

The purpose of education is to enable children to identify their own interest and shape their career accordingly. In today’s competitive world, the students have to be fully equipped with strength and skills to respond quickly with con?dence and determination.

At Scholars Pride, we encourage students to be responsible for their learning and behaviour. We teach them that excellence comes through grit and determination. Our aim is to enable the students to develop their skills, attitudes, knowledge and values that allow them to participate and contribute positively in this dynamic world.

We appreciate and welcome input and innovative suggestions of our parents for the progress of this abode of teaching and learning.

Best wishes